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Theatre company focussing on women's issues, feminism, physical theatre, and experimental performance forms.

MOUTHPIECE ON TOUR - Dawson, Whitehorse & Edmonton

So many thanks and so much gratitude to all of the wonderful people who have supported Mouthpiece on this tour so far, including the Klondike Institute for Arts and Culture (KIAC), The Pivot Festival, Nakai Theatre, The Yukon Arts Centre, Workshop West Playwrights Theatre, The Chinook Series, Victoria School of the Arts, and all of the generous audience members who have come to see the show and spread the word far and wide! Up next, Undercurrents Festival in Ottawa Feb 10-13. http://www.undercurrentsfestival.ca/mouthpiece/

Listen to an interview with CBC North (Whitehorse) here: https://soundcloud.com/cbcyukon/two-sides-to-every-story

LIsten to a panel discussion with What It Is Podcast (Edmonton) here: http://chinookseries.ca/salon-podcasts/ (Drama & Dying)

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