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Theatre company focussing on women's issues, feminism, physical theatre, and experimental performance forms.


Photo by Nadia Tan

About Stoneboat FARM

The farmhouse, set in picturesque Lanark County, Ontario (approx. 3.5 hours from Toronto) has a variety of different working spaces. From outdoor fields, to a workshop equipped with every tool you can imagine, to the studio (a recording space), the parlour (a rehearsal room) and a variety of other nooks and crannies, there is space for all varieties of art-making. Visual artists, writers, dancers, theatre makers, crafters, photographers, musicians, video-artists, food artists, there is nothing that is not worthy if you are willing to work. Sitting on 225 acres of Canadian Shield, the farm is situated near Perth Ontario, a 3.5 hour drive from Toronto, or a 1.5 hour drive from Ottawa, ON. There are frequent buses that run to nearby towns, and pickups can be arranged.


The Cost

Participation in SBAR is free of charge, apart from a cost-sharing of all food and beverages between participants.  Ideally participants have an independent way to travel to the area, but ride-sharing can be arranged if necessary.


Do you have a project you are working on, but just can’t find the time or space to really get your hands, heart, and head into it? SBAR (Stone Boat farm Artist Retreat) is an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world in order to develop your project in a creative and productive environment. A collection of artists of different disciplines living and working side by side in the countryside for five days. SBAR is a biannual event, occurring in the Spring and Fall each year. 

The Breakdown

Each day is structured as follows:

9am-1pm – Individual work

1pm-2pm – Group lunch and sharing

2pm-6pm – Individual work

6pm – Mandatory cocktail hour

7pm – Group dinner and goal setting for following day

9pm – Group activities are decided upon based on participants and curiosities (ie. Movies, night-walks, craft projects, showings, etc.)

 Photo By Nadia Tan

Photo By Nadia Tan


The next SBAR will be taking place Spring, 2019. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed when the next round of dates are announced and applications open up for future SBAR sessions.  


Applications are currently closed. Dates for upcoming SBAR sessions will be announced soon.

For more information or questions, please email info@quoteunquotecollective.com

Join the ranks of SBAR alumni

Amanda Acorn (dance) - http://amandaacorn.com/

Sandy Carson (film) - http://northcountrycinema.com

Gursky (music) - http://www.gur5ky.com/

Jonathan Koensgen (theatre) - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0462883/

Talia Shipman (photographer/visual artist) - http://taliashipman.tumblr.com/

Liz Peterson & Wildlife (performance art) - http://www.eventsinrealtime.org/

July Talk (music) – www.julytalk.com

Theatre Ad-Infinitum (theatre) - http://www.theatreadinfinitum.co.uk/

Erin Simkin (photographer) – www.erinsimkin.com

Robin Love (visual artist), Russel Banx (visual artist) - http://russellbanx.com/

Nyda Kwasowsky (dance) - https://vimeo.com/167899161

Nadia Tan & Courtney Jeffery - http://www.artofawareness.ca/

Mike McLaughlin (film) - http://www.mclaughlindp.com/

Angela Lewis (photographer) - http://www.angelalewis.com/

Darrah Teitel (playwright) - https://www.playwrightsguild.ca/playwright/darrah-teitel

Lucy Satzewich (sculpture/design) - https://lucysatzewich.squarespace.com/

Raha Javanfar (musician/performer) - http://rahajavanfar.com/

Adam Paolozza & Kari Pederson (theatre/performance) - https://www.badnewdays.com/

Hannah Cheesman (screenwriter) - http://hannahcheesman.com/ & whateverlinda.com

Val Sankar (photographer) - https://www.instagram.com/valsankar/?hl=en

Katie Lyle (visual artist) - katielyle.com

Duncan Alexander Cameron Stewart (writer/visual artist) - http://duncanalexandercameronstewart.info/

Galit Rodan (photographer) - http://galitrodan.tumblr.com/

Cheyenne Scott (actress) - http://cheyennescott04.wixsite.com/mysite


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